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The real problems of drinking water in cities are chlorine and sediments that are transferred to the water. According to a number of studies, the consumption of chlorinated water endangers our health, as the presence of chlorine in the water we drink has been linked to many serious pathological conditions for humans.

Thus, water filters must be located in every home and in every business space in order to enjoy water free of harmful substances.

In our company "Papazoglou Air Conditioning" which is located in Attica and more specifically in Peristeri, you can find water filters from the largest companies in the area as well as spare parts for water filters, at competitive prices.




water filters of all types for home or professional use, while our experienced and specialized staff are at your disposal to carry out their proper installation in your space and to repair any damage.

Thanks to our long history in the field, we can suggest you the ideal water filter that will meet your needs and you will be able to enjoy water free of harmful substances for years.




and we will rush to your place to discuss your needs and offer you our services. We serve Peristeri and all of Attica.