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Our company "Papazoglou Air Conditioning" which is located in Attica and more specifically in Peristeri, thanks to its long course in the field of air conditioning and cooperating with the largest companies, can supply you with the ideal air conditioners for home, business and industrial air conditioning.

With a phone call we come to your place to study your needs, to suggest you the ideal air conditioners based on your needs and to supply you with them at the most competitive prices.



Proper installation of air conditioners is the most important thing for their excellent performance and operation.

Our refrigeration and experienced team undertake the study and the perfect installation of air conditioners in homes and business premises, giving the most economical solutions and at the same time the most efficient operation, with the aim of fully meeting your needs.

We can carry out the simplest to the most complex and demanding studies for the air conditioning of your space with air conditioning units of all types and the best companies.

We install air conditioning units:
wall, floor, closets, canal, coolers, etc.

Having in our assets innumerable facilities in both domestic and professional air conditioning, we ensure the correct installation, in the right place. Depending on the specificity of each installation we have the opportunity to suggest the best solution, technical and aesthetic, for the installation of the air conditioning unit.


The service of the air conditioner is that most important for their correct and efficient operation. Ideally it should be done 2 times a year. So you will be able to enjoy excellent cooling quality for summer and heating for winter.

Our company undertakes the correct maintenance and repair of all domestic and professional air conditioners but also the repair of any damages that occur in them, offering you perfect results at the most competitive prices.

We perform repairs of indoor or outdoor unit air conditioner boards (inverter or conventional) while we also have specialized instruments for the diagnosis of faults. In our country, the repairs and maintenance of air conditioners are carried out with professionalism and responsibility, correctly and economically, while the best possible result is provided, according to the wishes of the customer.

Our experienced and specialized staff, equipped with the latest technological equipment, has the ability to diagnose and deal with any kind of damage to all types of air conditioners regardless of company, but also to offer you the best maintenance. We guarantee that any problem that arises in your air conditioner, we will be by your side with the most advantageous market prices.


One of the most common problems with air conditioners is board damage. This can happen from frequent power outages if your building is struck by lightning and many other causes that can cause damage or even completely destroy the board.

It is considered one of the major damages as its role is the overall supervision of the individual elements of the air conditioner, controlling the operation of the system and ensuring comfort at room temperature.

The licensed certified Papazoglou Iakovos refrigerant can undertake the proper repair and perfect reprogramming of your air conditioner boards so that you do not have to spend more money to buy a new air conditioner.

With a phone call we come to your place, with special tools we check the functionality on the spot and we report to you the best way to deal with the problem.


Activated carbon filters are increasingly being used in air conditioners because they filter out harmful substances and expel fresh air. Organic matter accumulates on the surface of activated carbon, thus cleaning the air that comes out of the filters.

When too many harmful substances accumulate in the filter, its efficiency decreases. That is why activated carbon should be replaced regularly. The replacement time depends on the volume of filtered air and the concentration of harmful substances.

Knowing that in all air conditioners the activated carbon filters are absolutely necessary, our refrigeration and experienced team, can undertake their proper installation in any air conditioner you have.

At the same time, we undertake the replacement of old activated carbon filters, directly serving Peristeri and the whole of Attica.






and we will rush to your place to discuss your needs and offer you our services. We serve Peristeri and all of Attica.